Who is Ronald Woessner?

Mr. Woessner of Dallas, Texas is former Senior Counsel to the Financial Services Committee of the US House of Representatives where he was special advisor to the Chairman for capital formation and fintech matters. He has worked in the smaller-cap company ecosphere for 25+ years in the capacity of general counsel to two NASDAQ-listed companies following private law practice. He currently mentors and advises companies in the start-up and smaller-cap company ecosphere and helps them raise capital through Regulation CF crowdfunding and otherwise. He also advocates in Washington DC for policies that create a more hospitable public company environment for smaller-cap companies, enhance capital formation, support small business, promote entrepreneurship, and increase upward mobility for all Americans, particularly minorities. Mr. Woessner, a certified Toastmaster, speaks and writes about US public and private capital markets topics and his articles are published at www.equities.com and elsewhere. For more information on Mr. Woessner’s background or to contact him about a speaking engagement, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronald-woessner-esq-3645041a/.