OTC Markets Participates in October 2018 SEC Roundtable – by Ronald Woessner


OTC Markets Group Participates in SEC Roundtable Sponsored by the Division of Trading and Markets
On September 26, OTC Markets Group was pleased to take part in the SEC’s Roundtable on Regulatory Approaches to Combating Retail Investor Fraud, hosted by the Division of Trading and Markets. OTC Markets Group CEO Cromwell Coulson participated in a panel discussion on Trading Halts and General Counsel Dan Zinn spoke on a panel focused on Rule 15c2-11 and enhancing public disclosure requirements.

“Fraudulent and manipulative promotion schemes corrupt the efficient market pricing process, hinder small company capital formation, and harm retail investors,” said Cromwell Coulson, CEO. “Because regulation alone cannot address all sources of fraud, we must empower individuals with the information they need to make better-informed investment decisions. Shining the electric light of data-driven markets that incentivize corporate disclosure, combined with common-sense regulation, are the most effective investor protection tools.”

In conjunction with their participation in the Roundtable, OTC Markets Group submitted a list of targeted Regulatory Recommendations that would help to combat retail investor fraud, improve market efficiency and bring greater transparency to our public markets.

Author: Ron

Ron Woessner of Dallas, Texas is former Senior Counsel to the Financial Services Committee of the US House of Representatives where he was special advisor to the Chairman for capital markets and fintech matters. He founded Microcap Strategies building upon his 25+ years' legal and operational experience in the smaller-cap and startup company ecosphere in the capacity of General Counsel to two NASDAQ-listed companies and CEO of an OTC-traded company that he up-listed to NASDAQ.  Mr. Woessner, a certified Toastmaster, currently lectures and writes on the inhospitability of the US public markets to smaller cap companies and other capital markets topics. His articles are published by equities.com and elsewhere. He also advocates in Washington DC for policies that create a more hospitable public company environment for smaller-cap companies, enhance capital formation, promote entrepreneurship, and increase upward mobility for all Americans, particularly minorities.