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Raising money in the post Dodd-Frank world is HARDER

Raising capital in the post Dodd-Frank world is harder for all start-up and emerging business, both private and public.

Dodd-Frank and other regulatory “reforms” have driven dozens and dozens of smaller broker-dealers out of business, have eliminated virtually 100% of the investment analysts and retail sales people who formerly mentored and assisted smaller-cap public and private issuers in raising capital.  These reforms have also thoroughly discouraged broker-dealers from committing capital to make trading markets and create trading liquidity for smaller-cap companies.

The cumulative weight of these have effectively poisoned the smaller-cap public company ecosphere and have crushed the valuations of smaller-cap companies as well.

Large Cap vs Microcap Spread

These also have had a corresponding cascading, negative “downstream” effect on private start-ups and emerging companies as well.  The US public capital markets were once the envy of the world; the capital market ecosystem, both public and private, was healthy; and, there was reasonable access to sufficient capital for smaller companies to enable them to grow, prosper, and become the next “S&P 500” company.  Not so any more.

Moreover, women-founded startups are less likely to be funded by a venture capital firm than the earth being hit by an asteroid.  It’s even worse for startups founded by blacks and other minorities.

America’s startups are starving for capital.

In sum, entrepreneurship in America is dying and there are more rusty cars in America’s garages than new businesses, with lack of capital being a major root cause.  Inadequate capital   business death, job loss, unemployment, and death of the American Dream of upward mobility for all economic classes. It’s a simple equation.

             How Ronald Woessner and Microcap Strategies can help you

Raising money is HARD.

It’s the hardest task you as a business owner will ever undertake.  My name is Ronald Woessner, the founder and principal of Microcap Strategies. I will equip you with the tools to optimize your chances for success through my “Capital Raising Made Simple” program, although at the end of the day it’s on you to execute and perform to excellence.  Although raising capital is “simple” — it’s not “easy”; in fact, it’s the hardest task any entrepreneur or business owner faces.

Who am I?

  • Helped start-up, emerging businesses I’ve been affiliated with raise over $120M in capital from Main Street retail investors and Wall Street professional investors.
  • Executed more than 100 major corporate transactions, including public and private debt and equity financings, M&A transactions, and joint ventures in four countries.
  • Recognized subject matter expert on the topic of the difficulties US small & emerging businesses face in accessing capital, with articles published by and elsewhere.
  • Former Senior Counsel to the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives where I was special advisor to the Chairman for capital formation, public capital markets, and fintech issues.
  • Former General Counsel to two technology NASDAQ-listed companies and CEO of a third OTC-traded company that I up-listed to NASDAQ in connection with a $10.6M public capital raise.
  • Former corporate/securities attorney and CEO with “real-world” business and legal experience in operating a start-up, emerging business.

How will we help you?  

  • Even though raising capital is hard, it’s simple at the same time — IF you know what you are doing!
  • No one would think to build a house without the proper tools – yet many issuers seek to raise money without having the proper tools.  I will help you create the five tools you will need in your “tool kit” to equip you to raise capital.
  • I will advise you what to do, what not to do, what to say and most importantly — HOW to say it – all to optimize your chance of success.
  • I’ll coach you through the three phrases of capital raising:
    • Foundation: creating the five tools you will need to be successful.
    • Show and tell with investors: using my proprietary methodology, I’ll help you with your pitch preparation and Q&A.
    • Closing the deal: valuation, structure, legal. I’ll coach you though the deal “mechanics” from term sheet to closing. BONUS: although I’m not acting as your attorney, with my years of private and public company legal experience, I can work alongside your attorneys and help you save legal fees.

Contact me at to schedule a 45-minute, no-charge phone consultation.

What else can we help you with?

In addition to helping you raise capital, Microcap Strategies assists startup and smaller-cap companies with the following:

  • Stock Trading Liquidity: Implementing effective tactics to increase stock trading liquidity for smaller-cap public companies
  • Growth: Devising growth strategies to “cross the chasm”
  • Resolution: Resolving business & legal controversies that stunt growth
  • Acquisition: Developing and implementing acquisition strategies
  • Transitioning: Bringing private companies to OTC and, for those companies who qualify, subsequently up-listing them to a national exchange

We typically play an active role with our portfolio companies

MicroCap Strategies often plays an active role in helping its portfolio companies grow and achieve their corporate objectives. This active role may be in the form of a board or advisory board position or it may involve serving as a company executive to assist in operating the business.

Ronald Woessner:  Writing and Speaking 

Mr. Woessner, a certified Toastmaster, speaks and writes about US public and private capital markets topics and capital formation public policy.  His speaking and writing is informed by his time on Capitol Hill as former Senior Counsel to the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives where he was special advisor to the Chairman for capital formation, public capital markets, and fintech issues.  His articles are published at and elsewhere.

You may contact Mr. Woessner about a speaking engagement at  To learn more about his background see his Linked In profile here.


Microcapstrategies’ clients are typically referrals from investment banking firms and other firms who know it well and its capabilities.


Contact Ron at to schedule a 45-minute, no-charge phone consultation.